Your Path to Homeownership
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Lease to Own a Path to Homeownership

We pride ourselves on being a real estate investment company and owner of single and multi-family homes that provide real solutions to homeownership for those individuals and families that may not have the easiest path to fulfilling the American dream.  We work with buyers who want to secure a home and live in it now.

You may not have perfect credit. You may not have enough for a down payment.  But you want to know your options.

We work with all types of buyers in all types of situations. Some need time to improve their credit score, or they may need time to save for a down payment. Some just want to try out the house, schools or neighborhood before they make that full commitment of a purchase.

Many of the buyers we work with come to us before they begin their search for the home or location they desire. This better enables us and them to secure the home that best fits their needs.

Do you want to own your own home?

Do you want to stabilize your living conditions?

To begin to move forward again.

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