Your Path to Homeownership
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Good Lease Option Candidates

Lease Option is a terrific way of  becoming a homeowner and fulfilling the American dream.

How do you know if it is right for you?

  • Do you qualify for a lease option to purchase?
  • Why are you renting, when you can rent-to-own your own  home?
  • Are you  a good candidate for this type of opportunity?

If you want answers to these kind of  questions, or others,  then we encourage you to contact us.  We are here to provide and share information.   We have helped many people who,  initially did not  qualify for a mortgage; yet, we were able to get them into a home.   Each situation is different and this may not be for everyone.    Many of the best candidates are unsure at first.  That is why we take our time with anyone that is interested in more information.

Some Common Situations Experienced by Good Candidates for a Lease/Option-to-Purchase:

Having a poor, or just O.K.  credit report –  their current credit score is not quite good enough to qualify for  a mortgage.   With the right effort, over a few years to improve their scores, gives them the time to qualify.

Stable Recent Rental History – They  do not have the credit score or the down payment ready, but  have shown stability in their most recent rental history.

Stable Employment – Their ability to  stay employed?  Even if or when they have been laid off,  they  are able to find work in a relatively short period of time.

You can afford the rent – Their  income is 2 or 3 time the rental expense.

Adequate cash position – They have enough cash for the 1st month’s rent, the option money and security deposit.

Homeowner at heart – They want stability, they want to own their own home.

Past the downturn – They are past the down turn or hard times, they are  past rock bottom.  They are beginning to get their  finances in order.

We work with many people who have been through difficult situations.  All were looking for a better future If you would like more  information please give us a call at 856 291 0686.

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